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The following organizations are a representative sampling of groups that work with Be The Change, Inc.

Ocer Secondary School (Gulu, Uganda)

Ocer is a new Jesuit High School in Northern Uganda. Many students over the years have been kidnapped from this area by rebel groups in Southern Sudan. The Invisible Children organization has highlighted many of these atrocities and the Jesuits are committed to bringing stability back to the region in the form of quality education for young men and women. BTC is helping provide student scholarships and school supplies and visits the school on annual student trips in the summer.

Undugu Youth Group (Uganda)

Undugu is a Swahili word meaning "brotherhood and sisterhood". Undugu is committed to breaking down tribal barriers by bringing young people together to form dance and music performances. BTC sponsors some of the Undugu performances and is working to bring this group to the U.S. to visit schools where there are active Watumishi organizations.

John Paul II Justice and Peace Center (Kampala, Uganda)

The JP II Center is an ecumenical organization committed to working for change in the areas of poverty, women’s rights and many other timely issues in Uganda. BTC visits this program each year and brings some of their stories and information into schools to educate people in the U.S. Students traveling to Uganda often work in the slums of Kampala with JP II staff persons.

St. Agnes Primary School (Voi, Kenya)

BTC visits St. Agnes regularly and has helped set up school partners here in the states. Friends of St. Agnes have provided school supplies and sports equipment over the years.

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