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Community/Economic Development

The following organizations are a representative sampling of groups that work with Be The Change, Inc.

Masooli Rural Women Association (Uganda)

A BTC staff member in Uganda created this association to train rural women in a more diversified approach to agricultural efforts. A model farm was created to train women in zero grazing techniques, growing spices, creating fish ponds and cultivating mushrooms as a way of improving health and increasing family income.

Dorcas Widow Fund (Kampala, Uganda)

This Widows Association represents over 35 female heads of households who have lost their husbands due to the AIDS pandemic. The women gather each week to make a variety of crafts for BTC and other groups. BTC then uses its network of adults and students to sell the crafts as a way supporting these women.

Tumaini Support Group (Voi, Kenya)

Tumaini is a PLWA Association (People Living with AIDS) which works to educate the local community on AIDS through workshops and theatre productions. In addition, Tumaini helps support itself by making and selling crafts. BTC has helped Tumaini with micro grants and volunteer staff to help them develop over the years.

BTC Micro-finance and Grants

BTC offers small grants and loans to partners in Africa. These resources are used to start small business efforts which are intended to help groups become more economically self-sufficient. These monies primarily support craft and agricultural efforts (i.e. goat & chicken projects, mushroom cultivation, etc).

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