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Africa Trips

CollageBTC organizes trips to Africa, primarily East Africa, throughout the year. Students, adults and groups are asked to see the trips as a training experience for social action efforts upon their return.

The purpose of the trips is to build lasting relationships with individuals and groups in Africa and gain a cultural understanding of important social issues present in these countries.

In addition, we "train" participants how to undertake successful social action projects in the hopes that they will join BTC's efforts in effectuating change, in Africa and here at home.


Adults and Adult Organizations

We can help you plan your own trip to Africa or guide one for you. Trips are usually two weeks in length but can be longer if desired. Contact us to let us know how we can help.

University Students

University students can travel with us throughout the year and can also stay with host families. Trips vary in length. BTC works with students in developing "Watumishi" groups (BTC Chapters) at your university.

High School Students

Our organization also travels with High School students in the summer, usually for a two week period. Schools can sponsor their own trips or students can mix with others. BTC will work with all students in creating relevant social action projects when they return and creating "Watumishi" groups (BTC Chapters) if desired. Please contact BTC for more information and trip materials.

Trip Includes

  • Social Action Leadership Training and Manual

  • Site visits to African organizations working on important social issues

  • Cultural and historical presentations on the host country and region

  • Visits to BTC projects in the city and rural areas

  • Evening sessions with local residents to share cultures

  • Service work opportunities

  • Opportunities for quiet time, reflection and journaling

  • Workshops to plan action projects to be implemented when you return

  • Game Park tours and Dance performances

  • Lodging with host families

  • Help with pre-trip preparation and fundraising

  • On-going support for projects after you return

Request Information

Please contact us for more information and trip materials.

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