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Be The Change offers a variety of programs to help individuals and organizations "get connected" to Africa and create successful development efforts, both in Africa and the United States.

In short, we employ an overall methodology that emphasizes culturally sensitive planning, technical assistance, collaboration with other experienced non-profits, leadership training and a grass roots approach in all of our development efforts.

Our organization is committed to empowering partners to get to know each other, plan together, work together and enjoy each other so that sustainability is inevitable.

The BTC trips to Africa for adults and students are designed to meet partners, plan development projects together, develop leadership and life skills, learn about the local culture and important social issues, build relationships with Africans and others on the trip and reflect on your own personal growth and experiences. The primary goal of the Trip Program is to build relationships in Africa and plan meaningful action projects that can be implemented when participants return home.Trips to Africa can change your life.

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