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Our Empowering Model

SignThe organization's mission emphasizes BTC’s role as a technical resource to help individuals and organizations develop meaningful projects and partnerships in Africa and the United States.

BTC’s unique approach to international development includes:

  • A primary focus in education, health care and community/economic development.  BTC works to develop grass roots projects which then become self-sufficient in 3-5 years.  In addition, BTC is intentionally holistic in its development approach by including community assessments for water quality, nutrition and job training in all of its projects.

  • Project planning and implementation support toward the goals of sustainability, accountability and effectiveness.
  • A unique leadership program which trains participants, primarily students, to create and manage development projects on a local and international scale.  The Social Action Leadership Training (SALT) model views social action as a science and encourages individuals to become “change agents” for life.  The BTC leadership model is intended to build upon what many schools offer through their service programs; in fact we call it an “AP” (Advanced Placement) service approach.

  • An emphasis on partnering with altruistic individuals and organizations in Africa.  There are many talented individuals and organizations to work with in Africa.  BTC looks for partners who are interested in projects that will benefit a broad section of their society and are excited to work with a diverse group of people.

  • Recognition that Africa has much to teach the U.S.  BTC emphasizes an exchange of ideas and talents in all our working partnerships toward the end of mutual respect and growth.

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